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Happy Earth Day, fellow earthlings! Today is dedicated to educating and inspiring you, me, and everyone in this world to take action towards protecting this planet.

There are simple ways you can be part of #EarthDay today and every day:

  • Cut down your shower time’
  • Air dry your clothes after washing
  • Change all of your incandescent light bulbs to LED
  • Start a garden

To get you in the earth day spirit, I’ve partnered with Lifted Optics to bring you four of my favorite earth day-friendly companies that are literally saving the world. Their products are either environmentally-friendly or help give back to the environment through each purchase.


Lifted Optics is based in Minnesota. For every pair of Lifted sunglasses sold, they make the world a better place by planting a tree. Recently, 500 trees were planted in California and British Columbia’s burn areas.

Throughout the week leading up to Arbor Day [Friday, April 27], Lifted is planting double the trees for every pair you buy.

This is one thing I undoubtedly wear every single day. I need my sunnies during my morning drive when the snow reflects against the sunrise. I also need it when I’m doing any outdoor activity — like boiling down sugar maple sap in the yard like I did this past weekend. And with the amount of time I spend out on the water, polarized sunglasses are a must. They also have a line of customizable ski goggles coming.

I have the Harriet Sunglasses, named after Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It’s slightly cat-eyed, polarized, and the wood frames are Lifted’s signature look. It comes in different colors and the fit is perfect for outdoor activities.


Girl of 10,000 Lakes Jenny Anderson wearing Lifted Optics and holding maple syrupJEN_7044

Check out Lifted Optic’s wood framed sunglasses and get them just in time for this big warmup and beautiful sunshine.

Shoutout to Annie over at A Hendrickson Photography for helping with the syrup making process and capturing these moments!


If you’re a lover of camping, you likely use a camp stove or lantern of some kind. Is yours energy efficient? BioLite Energy, based in Brooklyn, invests a portion of its profits to bring safe, affordable energy to families living in energy poverty across Africa and India.

Their focus is on clean air and clean energy. With its lighting and stove solutions, families who live off-the-grid can live and work more efficiently and sustainably. It’s BioLite’s way of bringing two customers together: the off households and outdoor recreation users who need fuel-independent cooking and charging.

CampStove BioLite



It’s a simple concept. Buy a Bar, Give a Bar. At Hand in Hand Soap, their mission is to make sure children in developing places have access to soap and clean water. That means for every purchase you make at Hand in Hand Soap, the company will donate a bar of soap and help bring clean water through wells to children in Haiti.

Their products are also environmentally friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Hand in Hand soap


Show pride for Minnesota and give back to your favorite environmental cause. Don’t Mess with MN, Please launched in March of 2018. The company is new but it’s already so dedicated to protecting Minnesota’s natural resources. 10 percent of profits from their trendy selection of tees, tanks, shirts, and hats are donated to a charity that you can choose from during checkout. All of the select charities make an impact by either protecting and sustaining the environment or educating the public.

I teamed up with Don’t Mess with MN, Please during their launch with some MN pride designs. Read my blog post about the collaboration.

Minnesota Shirt

What are YOU doing on this E a r t h  D a y or every day to help sustain the earth? Comment below and share your ideas! I’d love to know.

I’ll leave you with this very clean, rated PG, green earth day joke:

Q: What did the little tree say to the big tree?

A: Leaf me alone!

Ha! 🙂

Thank you to Lifted Optics for making this post possible.



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