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When I first started thinking about this tropical getaway to Cancun and staying with Excellence Playa Mujeres, I knew it would be a much needed vacation. The likelihood of April snow in Minnesota is high, hence the #splizzard (spring blizzard) we just got. A strong dose of R&R is usually in order by March or April. For our purposes, R&R doesn’t mean rest and relaxation. It stands for relaxation and recreation. And as the Girl of 10,000 Lakes, it’s only natural that when there is a lull on open water lake life,  I’ll gravitate towards the ocean.

I feel fortunate to be able travel during the colder months and escape to the heat, especially when it’s a resort that is all-inclusive and adults-only. Total worry-free vacay!

Nick and I hopped on a plane with our good friends Joe and Angie who we vacation with annually. So far on our list of couples trips: Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta, and plenty of cabin trips. Excellence Playa Mujeres in Cancun tops all of our trips so far.


After a long day of flying and traveling, we were greeted with glasses of brut champagne which was a total setup for a day of  r e l a x a t i o n.  That means straight to the pool for me. The overwater hammocks paired with piña coladas and coconut rum + soda + limes = a very happy girl.

The service is phenomenal at Excellence Playa Mujeres. The folks who are working hard to serve food, drinks, cook, help you plan activities, provide spa services, etc. — they are all part of what makes the experience at Excellence so excellent.

Did I mention we celebrated my birthday at the resort? We enjoyed a couple’s hydrotherapy circuit and massage at the amazing Miilé Spa. It was the definition of relaxation. From a pre-massage with jets and cascades, to the honey sugar scrub shower, the iced pool, herb-infused steam room, and of course the Swedish massage — it was the epitome of rejuvenation. If you need a pick-me-up, this is your answer. It’s an experience that will transform your body from blah to revitalization. I highly recommend that if you visit the resort, you must make an appointment at the spa. You’re on vacation. You deserve it!

The entire place looks like something out of a magazine with its clean white atmosphere and relaxation pool.  Thank you to Excellence Playa Mujeres for the experience. It made my birthday so much more memorable.

Miilé Spa Jenny Anderson Girl of 10,000 LakesMiilé Spa Girl of 10,000 LakesMiilé Spa Girl of 10,000 Lakes04131893Miilé Spa Girl of 10,000 Lakes


As per usual, after relishing in the relaxation, I usually want to do something more recreational in the great outdoors. It’s fun to mix it up at a place like Excellence Playa Mujeres because they give you the option to do it all. Staying active is so important. Whether you’re going to use the resort’s gym, hike the local trails, swim, or do some excursions — get moving! I think some of the best things you can do for your body and soul is to spend time soaking in that vitamin D while being active. Love your body enough to care for it whether you’re at home or on vacation, all while embracing the beauty of nature.

We took a non-motorized catamaran out to sea and sailed around like we owned the ocean. I love it when you can hold onto the catamaran with one hand and stretch out so your other hand is touching the water. Picture the sun shining hard and water splashing beneath your feet — what an experience. We weren’t able to take the camera out with us or fly the drone, unfortunately. But you can imagine, it was quite the exhilarating adventure.

Excellence also provides other outdoor activities so that you can make the most of the amazing weather and stay active:

  • Water aerobics, water polo and aqua fitness
  • Kayaking
  • Standup Paddle Boarding
  • Introductory scuba lessons
  • Jogging trails
  • Dancing lessons
  • Tennis
  • Football (soccer)
  • Bicycles & bilingual bicycle tours
  • Table tennis
  • Beach football (soccer) and beach volleyball
  • Darts, board games, archery, air rifle shooting

We decided to go adventuring near Tulum for a day and visit Xel-Há. It’s a natural waterpark with awesome snorkeling, cenotes, cliff jumping, waterslides, river tubing, hammocks, and plenty to drink and eat. If I wasn’t so obsessed with lake life, I would seriously go hunting for cenotes and bring a flamingo floaty and a tropical bevvy. I totally recommend exploring this park. The water is turquoise blue which is perfect for snorkeling, the river tubing is relaxing, and it is also all-inclusive. It takes up a full day if you book the tour that includes transportation — so be prepared and bring all of the things you’d need for an entire day of adventure.

0413189104131883Xelha Jenny Anderson Girl of 10,000 LakesDCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0479.JPGLight at Excellence Playa Mujeres

You can save up to 45% off when you book with Excellence Playa Mujeres before May 7th. Worth every penny.


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