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I’m told lake trout is the “unicorn” of all freshwater fish. I can’t say I disagree! It takes patience to hook one on, patience to reel it in, and patience to net it successfully. Plus, it’s super pretty with a pink-hued inside. Lake trout is unique because it’s easy to prepare and cook. I’ll get to that in a second.

Besides tasting amazing, a fatty fish like lake trout contains a fabulous amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This helps reduce our risk for heart disease and high blood pressure (Mayo Clinic). It’s a great source of protein, especially when you’re on day-3 of camping.

The best part about lake trout is the ease of preparing and cooking it.  No need to fillet. Once the meat is tender, the bone pulls out in one piece. Voila!

If you are all about harvesting your own food, make it a goal to catch a trout and try this simple, fresh lake trout recipe.

Ingredients (the one pictured made 6-8 servings):
1 lake trout
1 stick of butter
sea salt
black pepper,
dill weed
cayenne pepper

Method (Preparation time: 10 minutes) (Cook time: 20 minutes):
1. Clean fish. Cut it’s head and tail off, cut gently down the belly, remove guts, and clean/rinse. Leave the bones in.

2. Make your own charcoal. Burn smaller pieces of hardwood (we used pine) in a fairly enclosed or protected area. The wood will start glowing like coals.

3. Place the fish on a big piece of foil and season the inside with all of the ingredients. That means spread the butter all along the insides, shake on heaping amounts of dill weed, and shake sea salt, black pepper, and cayenne to your preferred taste. I like a lot of dill, cayenne, and black pepper, and just a few sprinkles of sea salt.

4. Cover the fish completely with foil and place on top of coal. You can also place the foil covered fish on a griddle.

5. Cook for ten minutes, flip, and cook for another ten minutes. Add a few more minutes for thicker fish.

6. Pull bone out starting at the thick side of the fish (head). You may need to wiggle it out to loosen it from the meat. It should come out in one large piece.

7. Serve and enjoy around the campfire with friends.


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  1. This looks like a fantastic recipe! I’m heading up to Canada this week to fish for Lakers and I’m definitely going to try cooking them this way. Thanks!

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