In December, just as it was dipping down to subzero temperatures, Nick and I took a quick trip to Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica.


Peace, love, and Pura Vida! Words we can all strive to live by in 2018. Pura Vida or “pure life” is the most common expression in Costa Rica. It means being content with what we already have and living life to the fullest [New Years resolutions for ’18].In December, just as it was dipping down to subzero temperatures, Nick and I took a quick trip to Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. We stayed at the Four Seasons at Peninsula Papagayo, a beautiful resort on a peninsula — surrounded by lush, tropical greenery, the Gulf of Papagayo, and white sandy coastlines. The resort recently reopened following a $35 million “eco-luxury” renovation.

Costa Rica is just one of those places everyone should have on their travel bucket list. It’s known for adventure, the canopy zipline tours, surfing, snorkeling, amazing coffee, howler monkeys, rainforests and volcanoes, and of course the friendly locals.

When it’s -10 degrees in Minnesota, it’s like 85 degrees in Costa Rica. Whether it’s to escape the cold or to experience something new, this country has something for everyone.

Costa Rica is recognized for running almost entirely on renewable energy. Their goal is to be totally carbon-neutral by 2021. I love that there is a national goal to lead the “Pura Vida” lifestyle for both the environment and day-to-day life. In fact, Happy Planet Index ranks Costa Rica at #1 for happiest country. Its ecological footprint is just a third of the USA’s.

It was wonderful to getaway with Nick. We went paddle boarding, sunset kayaking, hiking, ziplining, snorkeling, and tried out the local cuisine.

At Four Seasons, we had a memorable hike through the Costa Rican forest. The hiking trail went from the beach on one side of the peninsula to the other. We eventually ended up at a private resort. What a great workout!

The Dive Bar at Peninsula Papagayo has an awesome jalapeño margarita with a fabulous kick. The prices are hard to beat.

The roasted sea bass at Rio Bhongo at nearby Andaz Resort is superb. Melt in your mouth deliciousness.

Winter travels are the best. It makes you appreciate warm weather and also allows you to realize how beautiful the cold weather is when you return home.

Here’s a glimpse of our getaway. Hope you can feel the warmth right through the pics!


Getting ready for our date night out.

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Sudden downpour in half our view.





  1. What gorgeous images! You look like a model 🙂 What’s it like shooting with a drone? I’ve been thinking of getting one for work/and or play.

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