Just chilling and swinging

There are few things in life I love more than surrounding myself with nature and taking a moment to breathe it all in. It’s simple. Nature feels like home. That’s why I make a point to scout out beautiful views and then enjoy it. It might take some effort to get there, whether it’s paddling, portaging, or hiking. In the end, the effort is worth it.

I setup a hammock, kick back, relax, and maybe even have some wine I bring in my vacuum insulated bottle.

And just as much as I strive to live simply by simply enjoying these moments, I want to live infinitely. That means doing life to the fullest and without limiting myself in what I can achieve. That’s the manifesto behind Live Infinitely.

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Here’s what I love about the gear at Live Infinitely:

  • Their manifesto stands for living a limitless, healthy, and adventurous life
  • The Ultra lightweight double camping hammocks are so easy and quick to setup. It literally takes a couple of minutes. The hammock is travel-size and comes in fun colors. I have a teal one which Nick and I received as a wedding gift last year and now I have the orange one. Love them.
  • The hydration backpack is great for long hikes. Just fill it with water and drink out of the straw while you’re on the go. The hammock fits right inside the tiny backpack too. Convenient.
  • The vacuum insulated bottle keeps drinks cold or hot. It fits a lot of liquid whether that be water or wine (wink wink).
  • Everything is affordable! Especially with the discount code: JALiveInfinitely

So next time you’re out exploring, take a moment to relish in the beautiful views. Linger in it, kick back, relax, and enjoy all that nature has to offer. After all, it’s your home too.




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