Thanks to Wiley Wallaby & Sweet Chaos for sponsoring this article.

One of the best parts about Minnesota and Minnesotans is how we embrace each and every season. The secret? Just be prepared! In the last year, my family and I have spent much more time closer to home and we haven’t had any trouble finding fun things to do outdoors. That’s probably true for most folks! Whether it’s fall, winter, spring, or summer, we’ve enjoyed keeping ourselves busy. I’ve been sharing even more sweet moments on the canoe and boat with Harlan, in the camper while ice fishing with Juniper, and on hikes with both kiddos in all sorts of weather.

2020 and 2021 definitely mark the years of outdoor recreation! As a mama, I can’t help but be overprepared. I make sure to dress everyone properly in layers (so they can stay warm or take layers off), pack an extra pair of boots and gloves in case the first pair gets wet, bring the power pack for charging our phones, get all of the travel gear options ready like a stroller, wagon, baby front pack, pack n play, sound machines for napping on-the-go, a foldable cooler with milk, and bring LOTS of snacks. To help make life al fresco extra sweet and fun, we bring along Wiley Wallaby licorice & Sweet Chaos popcorn — two homegrown treasures made in Minnesota!

If you followed along on IG stories, you might know that our big project in 2020 was to redo our deck with composite decking and create a space that our family actually wants to hang out at, complete with an outdoor movie screen and portable projector. Wiley Wallaby is our go-to sweet snack for movie nights because it’s kid and adult-friendly with less sugar, it’s soft, chewy, and full of flavor. My favorite flavor is Blueberry Pomegranate, Harlan love Classic Red, and Nick has been going for Green Apple!

And of course, movie night is never complete without Sweet Chaos popcorn. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty popcorn. The kettle corn is handmade by real people in Minnesota. As a foodie, I never skimp on snacks. Friends and family are always dazzled by our food trays and movie night is no exception. Our spread includes White Cheddar, Movie Theater Butter, Honey Chipotle, Cake Batter, and Chocolatey Double Drizzle. I love the unique variety! It’s way more interesting than the usual microwave popcorn.

Sweet Chaos and Wiley Wallaby are easy snacks for us to bring on-the-go whether we’re camping, ice fishing, or just need something to tide us over until the next meal. They’re fun for adults and for kids too!

And now that spring turkey season is here, Nick and I will be taking turns hunting on our land while one of us takes care of the kiddos in the camper. I’ll be sure to bring plenty of water, juice, mac and cheese, ramen, and some Wiley Wallaby & Sweet Chaos for snacks. Happy tummies means happy kids and happy kids mean and happy hunting for mom and dad!

Thanks to Wiley Wallaby & Sweet Chaos for sponsoring this article.

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