Happy almost Thanksgiving! With turkey day less than a week away, I’m looking forward to seeing family, running around with all the kiddos in the extended fam, and eating some traditional home cooking [both Korean and American]. Isn’t it great when you can look awesome and still be able to have an active day? Whether you’re catching up with the fam, throwing around the ol’ pig skin before watching the football game, or going for an adventurous Thanksgiving day hike – you can still be fashionable, functional, and comfortable. You’ll find some of that functional fashion at Duluth Trading Co.


I recently visited Duluth Trading Co. for their grand opening in Woodbury, MN. It’s the company’s fourth store in Minnesota. The store manager says there was a demand for a store on the state’s eastern border. The company is based out of Wisconsin, but the founding fathers were from Duluth, MN. The company is best known to have “innovative, problem-solving work and outdoor clothes.” You’ll likely recognize their clever, witty marketing material.


As part of the grand opening celebrations, I did a Q&A session with lumberjill Sam Hadley of Hayward, WI. She’s part of Timberworks Lumberjack Show and her specialty is log rolling. The group was there to do some lumberjack demos – which was amazing! I’ve chopped wood before and I know it takes strength. But this talented group does this competitively! Because Duluth Trading Co. is a sponsor of their show and because she loves their clothing, Sam says she layers up from head to toe in Duluth Trading Co. This  allows her to have full arm and leg movement which is more than necessary for lumberjack events.  See my interview with Sam below to find out more.

I heart Duluth Trading Co. for a number of reasons. One being they are a midwest company, two – their flannels are a classic staple and everyone should have one in their fall and winter closet essentials, and three – you can work/play/hike/explore/go out/meet your friends for happy hour in Duluth clothes because it allows for complete movement and it’s cute. Let me be honest, sometimes I sacrifice movement for fashion, i.e. the tight pants I can’t walk up stairs in, the top I can’t lift my hands above my head in, the jacket that chokes me everytime I bend over to pick something up.

To do a demo of what functional fashion can look like [not a demo of lumberjacking 🙂 ], I put together three Duluth Trading Co. outfits that are so perfect for Thanksgiving! Think cozy, comfortable, and flannel.


Chunky Turtleneck Sweater (similar style) |  Free Swingin’ Flannel ShirtNoGa Slim Leg Stretch Pants | Lifetime Leather Travel Duffle

As the name says, this NoGa slim leg stretch pants is hyper-flexible and built to take on challenges. I wish the turtle neck sweater was on the website but you’ll have to search the stores to see if they have it. It comes in a longer fit, which is nice if you want to pair it with leggings. Super cozy and comfy without a doubt. And of course the classic flannel and a weekend duffle for your Thanksgiving getaway.


Chunky Knit Headband | Quilted Flannel Plaid Vest | No Yank Long Sleeve Henley | Wool Blend Twisted ScarfNoGa Slim Leg Stretch Pants

How cute?! Right? Everyone is rad about plaid today and this vest is not only on point with the trend, but it’s uber warm and matches just about any solid shirt. You literally don’t have to yank the No Yank shirt. In the description, it says “Stand up. Sit down. Reach high. Bend low. Repeat!” The wool blend twisted scarf is ultra soft and the perfect infinity scarf size so that you don’t have to wrap it around multiple times.


Flapjack Flannel | Longtail T Turtleneck | NoGa Slim Leg Stretch Pants

The flapjack flannel is a must-have. It’s thick enough to be your go-to fall or even early winter jacket. Duluth Trading Co. carries all of the classic plaid flannel patterns your heart desires. The longtail turtleneck is a closet staple. It’s designed to overcome any sagging, shrinking, fading, or pilling.

Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and I also hope you won’t need to sacrifice function for fashion. Enjoy the long weekend with your loved ones. There’s much to be thankful for!



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  1. I love that they have another location so close!! I have always struggled with the mix of practical and fashion and most of the time practical wins. Now I don’t have to pick!

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